ODF – Oregon Wild Fire Activity Summary

Posted on September 16, 2020

ODF Fire Report: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020

Oregon Activity Summary

We are closely monitoring 12 major fires in Oregon, down from 17 yesterday (see table below for details). Fires
are removed from the list when they are 100% lined and fire managers are confident in their progress toward
containment. There are more than 6,000 personnel assigned to these fires from across the nation and Canada.
This doesn’t include the many of the government emergency response employees, landowners, forestland
operators, and members of the community who are contributing to the fight in whatever way they can. About 1
million acres have burned in Oregon since the start of this year, which is nearly double the 10-year average of
approximately 557,811.

Fire name                          Acres burned (est.)                        Containment Location
Beachie Creek                       190,911 20%                                           15 miles N of Detroit
Lionshead                              1 83,744 10%                                           20 miles W of Warm Springs
Holiday Farm                       167,422 8%                                             3 miles W of McKenzie Bridge
Riverside                               135,956 3%                                             2 miles SE of Estacada
Archie Creek                        125,498 20%                                           20 miles E of Glide
Brattain                                 34,155 15%                                               8 miles S of Paisley
S. Obenchain                        32,513 25%                                              5 miles E of Eagle Point
Slater                                     30,998 in Oregon 10%                          SE of Cave Junction (also in No. California)
Two Four Two                     14,536 21%                                               W/NW of Chiloquin
Thielsen                                7,778 1%                                                   E of Diamond Lake
Echo Mtn. Complex           2,552 40%                                               4 miles NE of Lincoln City
North Cascade Complex   2,315 –                                                      Multiple locations in ODF’s North Cascade District

Please note: The acres burned estimates above are based very limited information available. These numbers will
change over the next several days, in some cases significantly. We will be taking every opportunity to map these
fires. Fire maps are an important tool for both ongoing response operations and keeping people informed.

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