Sheriff’s Office Operations Interrupted After Device Found on Campus

Posted on January 4, 2019

Yesterday at 1:45 p.m., operations at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Building, located at 3610 Aumsville Highway, were disrupted when an adult female brought in a bag believed to be carrying an explosive device.  The female, who suffers from mental illness wished to show the device to a deputy.

The device was removed from the building and the surrounding area was evacuated.  Our partners with the Oregon State Police responded to the scene and disrupted the device.  The bag was determined to contain wiring and other random objects but no explosives.  Aumsville Highway was closed for approximately 30 minutes during the incident.

The female who we do not intend to identify was released without criminal charges.  The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank our partners with the Oregon State Police and apologize to any residents or visitors who were inconvenienced by the incident.  If you come into contact with an object that you believe to be an explosive please do not touch it, leave the area and notify law enforcement, never transport the device.

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