Work Begins to Explore Leaks at the Capitol Mall Parking Structure

Posted on January 14, 2019

A contractor for the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) will begin exploratory work to determine the potential sources of water leaks in the roof of the Capitol Mall parking structure, beginning Thursday, Jan. 17. While equipment will be deployed to the grounds and some soil will be disturbed, major plantings such as trees will not be affected in any way.

Survey work will take place Jan. 17 and Jan. 18. However, the most notable activity involves several exploratory excavations to test soils and groundwater levels, and this will take place Jan. 20 and Jan. 21. Excavation will primarily occur at several areas above ground in grassy areas. All work is purely exploratory; there will be absolutely no tree removal involved.

Project work beyond Jan. 21 will include evaluating storm sewer and irrigation utilities, and assessing existing HVAC, plumbing, fire sprinkler, and electrical systems. The contractor will also evaluate the structural conditions inside the parking garage based on current seismic standards and codes.

All on-site work will be completed by February 1, 2019. The contractor will deliver a final report to DAS in April 2019 that will include options for structural remediation and corrective measures, as well as a recommended plan of action. DAS will make the report and its determination around possible next steps available to the public and work in partnership with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department on any needed solutions.


Opened in 1991, the Capitol Mall parking structure is an underground parking facility used by state employees and members of the public. It is located between Court and Center Streets and between 12th and Winter Streets. The structure is owned and maintained by DAS. When the Capitol Mall was redeveloped for the parking structure in 1991, the double row of ornamental cherry trees at the State Capitol State Park (above the garage) was introduced. The park is maintained by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

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