Oregon SNAP (Food Stamp) Benefits for February Were Issued Friday Due to Federal Government Shutdown

Posted on January 20, 2019

Oregonians participating in SNAP were issued February SNAP benefits early – Friday – roughly two weeks earlier than normal.

Oregon was instructed to do this by USDA due to a quirk of the federal government shutdown.

Oregon SNAP participants should be aware that after today, no additional benefits will be issued in February. Just like normal, these SNAP benefits do not expire and will remain on the card until a household uses them.

New applicants can still apply for SNAP and receive benefits. These are being processed normally and will continue to be accepted in February.

For Oregonians who need to take action on their SNAP case in January (such as an Interim Change Report or Recertification), clients should complete that as soon as possible. These are being processed as normal. SNAP households that turn in this paperwork after January 18 will receive their February benefits as soon as the paperwork is processed.

As of now, the timing of March SNAP benefits is unknown due to the shutdown.

As of now, the government shutdown is not affecting the way people receive other nutrition assistance like school meals, WIC or food pantries.

Additional Information and Resources:

DHS offices are open with normal hours since they are state, not federal offices.
For additional food resources, anyone may call 2-1-1 or find a food pantry at oregonfoodbank.org/findfood.
If someone has a problem with their SNAP case, they may call the Public Benefits Hotline of Legal Aid Services of Oregon: 1-800-520-5292
Comprehensive resource page from Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon

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