Oregon Governor Orders Ban On Vaping Products

Posted on October 7, 2019

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has imposed a six-month ban on the sale of flavored vaping products.

Eight cases of respiratory illness associated with vaping have been reported in Oregon as of Oct. 1.

In two of those cases, the patients died, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

People vape by breathing in and out through electronic cigarettes or vape pens that heat liquid to create a vapor. That liquid can contain nicotine, THC and other ingredients such as flavorings. The industry has been criticized for promoting sweet-flavored products that appeal to children, such as bubble gum and crème brulee flavors.

The ban does not cover unflavored vaping products.

In an article from Salem Reporter, Governor Kate Brown is quoted “My first priority is to safeguard the health of all Oregonians,” Brown said in a statement Friday, Oct. 4. “By keeping potentially unsafe products off of store shelves and out of the hands of Oregon’s children and youth, we prevent exposing more people to potentially dangerous chemical compounds, and help lessen the chance of further tragedy for any other Oregon family.”

Brown added that the “safest option” for people right now is stop vaping altogether, in line with what State Health Officer Dean Sidelinger advised Sept. 26.

“Until we know more about what is causing this illness, please, do not vape,” Brown said. “Encourage your friends and family members to stop vaping immediately. Talk to your children about the dangers of vaping. The risks are far too high.”

Last week, the state health agency had suggested a six-month ban as one of the policy options Brown could consider.

She is also ordering state agencies to develop “long-term solutions” for the legislature to consider.

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