Oregon Reports 13 New COVID-19 Cases; State Prepares Oregon Medical Station

Posted on March 19, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore.— Oregon Health Authority reported 13 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the state total to 88, as of 8:30 a.m. today, March 19. The COVID-19 cases reported today are in the following counties: Linn (2), Marion (5), Multnomah (4) and Washington (2). Oregon Health Authority reports new cases once a day on its website: www.healthoregon.org/coronavirus.

State prepares Oregon Medical Station

The Oregon Health Authority, together with the Oregon Military Department, is assembling the Oregon Medical Station (OMS) beginning Friday, March 19, at the Salem Fairgrounds. The OMS is a temporary mobile facility dedicated for emergency use in situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile facility will provide an alternate site for 250 patients currently in nursing home care.
The OMS is one component of Oregon’s larger emergency preparedness plan. Here is a snapshot of the facility:

• It will include beds, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment to support 250 patients.
• It which will be staffed by members of the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR) and the Oregon Disaster Medical Team (ODMT).
• It will have staffing for 24/7 operations.
• It will be housed in the Jackson Long building at the Salem Fairgrounds in a state-owned building.
• It will use dedicated supplies that have been stored in Salem at the State and Federal Surplus Property.

Military members from the Oregon Military Department, SERV-OR and ODMT have previous joint training experience for disaster-type events. All three groups have participated in an annual exercise known as Pathfinder-Minuteman, which presents multiple scenarios where first responders have causalities in need of immediate medical treatment.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.
United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.
Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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