Salem Police Encourages Compliance with Governor Brown’s Executive Order

Posted on March 23, 2020

Keeping Salem safe is the top priority of the Salem Police Department. Our officers are already implementing safety precautions to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Regarding Governor Brown’s Executive Order, officers’ primary function will be to educate the public and ask for compliance with the list of allowed activities. We understand the hardships this order creates, but we believe that following the directions set forth in the order will help keep everyone healthy and safe.

“Our hope is people will understand the need to follow the guidance of our public health experts and maintain social distance and limit activities to the essentials. Yet, arrest or referral to the appropriate state agency is possible for those who flagrantly refuse to follow the order,” said Salem Police Chief Jerry Moore.

“While these extraordinary events may be grabbing the headlines, our regular work continues and at times takes priority. Because of the extra demands placed upon our agency, we are increasing patrol staffing and triaging activities. The reality is proactively stopping community members to educate them about social distancing may not always be the highest priority for our officers,” Moore further explained.

We want to thank our community for following social distancing guidelines and working together to make Salem healthy and safe.

For information regarding parks, public space and changes made by the City of Salem please refer to their media release.

Read Governor Brown’s Executive Order here.

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