Murder/Suicide in Keizer

Posted on May 18, 2020

Kelso Police Deptartment – 05/18/20 9:24 AM

On May 15th, 2020 at approximately 8:15pm, Kelso Police received reports of gunshots and a vehicle collision in the 1800 block of Bloyd Street. Reporting parties in close proximity to the incident advised the vehicles involved in the shooting and collision left the scene before police arrival. As officers responded to the area of the initial report of gunshots they were apprised of a second shooting at AM/PM in the 1700 block of Allen Street.

Officers arrived at AM/PM and discovered both vehicles that were described from the initial shooting report on scene. Officers also found two deceased persons, one from each vehicle at opposite ends of the parking lot.

Mulitple witnesses on scene and corroborating evidence confirmed a male driver from one of the vehicles, identified as 60YOA Scott B. Belenski, drove into the AM/PM parking lot moments after, 31YOA Brittany A. Thuney arrived. Belenski parked his vehicle next to Thuney’s vehicle, exited his vehicle, fired a pistol several times into Thuney’s vehicle while she was still seated in the driver seat. Thuney was unable to escape and succumbed to her injuries on scene.

Belenski then walked back to his vehicle and drove it to the other side of the parking lot where he shot himself resulting in his own death.

Scott Belenski was later confirmed to be the biological grandfather of Brittany Thuney’s 7YOA child whom she had moments earlier dropped off with the child’s father, who is Scott Belenski’s son. The child has since been returned to Thuney’s immediate family.

Evidence from the first shooting scene revealed Belenski shot more than one time at Thuney while she was seated inside her vehicle and she collided with Belenski’s vehicle as she was attempting to escape.

This case is still under investigation. No further details or a possible motive are being released at this time.

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