Online Dog Licensing Now Available in Marion County

Posted on February 2, 2021

Marion County – 02/02/21 1:42 PM

Marion County Dog Services now offers online dog licensing. Dog Services Director Ann Potter said, “We know the community wants an online option and it’s become even more necessary this year with our lobby closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Online licensing can be accessed from the following link:

To license online, dog owners will need a copy of their dog’s current rabies vaccine. Photos of rabies certificates may be uploaded directly to the licensing program. Dog licenses may not be purchased for longer than the rabies expiration date.

Dog licenses were originally designed as a way to ensure dogs were vaccinated against rabies, which used to be a common canine disease and transferable to humans.  Licensing has worked and now rabies is rarely seen in dogs in Oregon. Licenses also provide other important services such as helping return lost dogs to their owners and providing revenue to care for dogs in the dog shelter. And, licenses are required by state law.

License fees are $20 annually for altered dogs and from $37 for non-altered dogs. Discounted fees are available for multi-year licenses and for senior dog owners. For more information about Marion Dog Services fees and hours, visit, call (503) 588-5233, or email

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About Marion County Dog Services:

Marion County Dog Services operates the county dog shelter whose mission is to provide shelter and care for stray dogs until they are reunited with their families or adopted; enforcing Marion County dog licensing and control ordinances; promoting humane treatment of dogs; and educating residents on quality dog care. 

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