Focused DUII and Seatbelt Enforcement Campaigns Continue

Posted on February 10, 2021

Salem Police Dept. – 02/10/21 8:44 AM

Salem, Ore. — The Salem Police Department in partnerships with Oregon Impact, ODOT and NHTSA are participating in statewide traffic enforcement campaigns focusing on DUII and seatbelt usage violations.

Since the holiday season, officers working grant funded shifts and regular patrol have issued over 800 citations and warnings for violations ranging from speeding to driving while suspended.

Through February 14, 2021, officers will be specifically looking for seatbelt violations. We know failing to properly use seatbelts and child restraints is dangerous. According to ODOT crash data the lack of safety belt or child restraint use was a factor in 86 out of the 311 fatal crashes in 2018. It is estimated that appropriately installed and utilized child car seats increase crash survival by 71% for infants under one year of age and up to 59% for toddlers aged one to four.

If you or a loved one need information or help on child seat usage or how to install one, people may visit the Oregon Impact website for more information.

The Salem Police Department asks that no matter how far you are going to be travelling, please wear your seat belt. Also, if you are drinking please don’t drive. Have a designated driver, utilize public transportation, taxis or cabs or a ridesharing service to get you home.



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