Marion County 2021-2022 Property Taxes

Posted on October 20, 2021

Marion County – 10/20/21 10:07 AM

Marion County tax statements will be mailed October 18th and should arrive in property owner mailboxes shortly thereafter. Tom Rohlfing, Marion County Assessor, certified the 2021-22 Property Tax Roll on October 12, 2021.

As of the January 1, 2021 valuation date, the aggregate Real Market Value (RMV) of all property county-wide increased by 7.63% from last year, to $57.20 billion. Real Market Value is the estimated amount in cash that could reasonably be expected to be paid for a property by an informed buyer to an informed seller.

Escalating values of residences and residential land located in cities and towns contributed to the increase, jumping the total RMV to $25.5 billion or 4.89% increase from 2020. The total value of rural property, including acreage homes, farms, and forest lands, also showed continued growth with a total RMV of $11.99 billion or 1.92% increase from 2020.  Commercial and industrial properties have shown a steady growth with a total RMV of $15.98 billion or 10.84% increase from 2021.

Due to Measure 50 benefits, some homeowners will experience much smaller tax increases than the preceding figures suggest. The typical unchanged home will experience only a 3% increase in assessed value no matter where they are located in the county.  However, changes in tax rates due to new or expiring bonds will significantly affect owners in selected communities.

Assessed Value countywide grew by 4.15% to $28.765 billion, standing at just 52.45% of total Real Market Value. A big factor in the gap between market and assessed values, of course, is due to the Measure 50 limit of 3% annual growth in the Maximum Assessed Value of unchanged property.  However, 13,275 properties receive sharply reduced assessed values and taxes due to farm or forest special assessment, and 17,054 properties receive full or partial tax exemptions. Saint Paul will see tax increase of about 9% due to new St. Paul Rural Fire Protection District Local Option Levy. The city of Stayton will see a tax increase of about 5% due to the new Library Local Option Levy and the new Recreation Local Option Levy.

Primary beneficiaries of Marion County property taxes are schools, the community college, and educational service districts receiving (45.77%) of the total.  Other major recipients include cities (22.55%), Marion County government (17.21%), and fire districts (6.64%).  Urban renewal districts receive about (3.34%). Total tax collectibles for the 2021-22 tax year is $492,920,488.64.

Mr. Rohlfing encourages property owners to promptly review their tax statement for accuracy. This includes checking for correct ownership, mailing, and location addresses. To aid with this, the Assessor’s Office provides a wide array of information on its website, including more detailed information about how each property is assessed.  The property records portion of the Assessor’s Office website allows you to search multiple ways, including a map search tool to help locate properties.

Taxes are due by November 15, 2021, to receive the 3% discount and avoid interest charges.  Owners with questions, or who feel changes are needed, should contact the Assessor’s Office at 503-588-5144.  Those who disagree with the Real Market Value placed on their property are encouraged to request a review prior to filing an appeal.  If the property owner still does not agree with the value once the review is completed, instructions on the back of the tax statement describe how to appeal to the local Board of Property Tax Appeals, comprised of community volunteers.

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