Salem’s Water is Clean and Safe to Drink

Posted on November 7, 2021

Salem, Ore. – Salem’s water is safe and clean according to the Oregon Health Authority, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Safe Drinking Water Act.  A recent report from an environmental advocacy group confirms that Salem’s water meets regulatory standards and is safe to drink.

The City of Salem has invested more than $50 million to add stability and resiliency to our water treatment systems in recent years including the addition of the new Ozone Treatment Facility at Geren Island and the Aquifer, Storage, and Recovery System in Woodmansee Park. “The upgrades we have completed will create a lasting impact on the quality of Salem’s water for years to come,” says Mayor Chuck Bennett, “there should be no doubt in our commitment to providing clean, safe, and plentiful water for all of our residents.”

Salem is fortunate to have the Detroit Reservoir and the North Santiam River, an extremely high quality, reliable, and abundant source for our drinking water as well as employees that strive to deliver the cleanest, safest water possible for every resident of Salem.

An environmental advocacy non-profit, Environmental Water Group (EWG), has recently shared water quality data collected from utilities across the country (Tap Water Database).  Among these metrics, the EWG suggests some should be further reduced or removed from drinking water. EWG recommendations differ greatly from both the U.S. EPA, the Oregon Health Authority, and established scientific practices. Although their recent listings included Salem, Oregon, the EWG did not conduct their own testing of Salem’s local water system.

We recognize that the health and safety of our water system is an important issue for residents of Salem and the customers we serve, and we believe the reporting concerning the EWG’s metrics may create undue concern for the quality of Salem’s water, which meets or exceeds all Federal and State Standards. We encourage Salem residents to review the 2021 Annual Water Quality Report and to learn more about our rigorous testing and recent investment in a state-of-the-art ozone treatment facility.


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