Sheriff’s Office Removing Jail Booking Photos in Compliance with HB3273

Posted on December 29, 2021

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 12/29/21 1:00 PM

Effective January 1, 2022, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office will no longer provide booking photos on our jail roster and will be limiting the release these photos on social media and in future media releases. These changes are being made to comply with new requirements regulating the sharing of booking photos under Oregon House Bill 3273.

In compliance with Oregon House Bill 3273, law enforcement agencies may not release a booking photo except:

  • To the person depicted in the booking photo;
  • To another law enforcement agency, or to a law enforcement officer employed by another law enforcement agency, for a law enforcement purpose;
  • To the public, if the law enforcement agency determines that there is a law enforcement purpose for the release, including but not limited to assistance with the apprehension of a fugitive or a suspect in a criminal investigation, or the identification of additional criminal activity; or
  • Upon the conviction of the person depicted in the booking photo, if the conviction results from the arrest during which the booking photo was obtained.

Jail booking details, including names and charges, remain available on the Marion County Sheriff’s Office website.

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