City of Salem Streamlines Building Permit Applications

Posted on September 6, 2022

Salem, Ore. —  No photocopier required! Construction contractors and other people who regularly apply for building permits can now streamline the process with the online “Copy Permit” feature. Applicants can copy an existing online form and just change fields to show the new address.

The change is part of a year-long permitting improvement process designed to:

  • Provide accurate and consistent plan review,
  • Standardize the process, and
  • Improve timing and accountability.

Registered users with the City of Salem can log in to the PAC Portal to apply and save time over paper or PDF users. They’ll be able to immediately:

  • Get a permit number,
  • Pay application fees, and
  • Upload documents for plan review, if needed.

Users can also schedule pre-application conferences on the portal from a list of available appointments.

A variety of permits are available, including:

More online applications will be introduced in coming months, including:

  • Land use applications
  • Structural applications (residential/multifamily/commercial)
  • Lane closure application

Additional improvements are scheduled to take place this fall.

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