New Salem Permitting Software Will Smooth Process

Posted on September 25, 2022

City of Salem – 09/23/22 4:00 PM

Salem, Ore. – New permitting software go live soon at the City of Salem and will result in more improvements to the permitting process.

ProjectDox ePlan software will launch October 10. Applications submitted after October 7 will be processed using this software. Based on feedback from customers, the change was specifically designed for electronic review of building permits.

Changes to the process are outlined as part of the Submit Electronic Plans page and include:

  • Drawing files must be submitted using one PDF file for each page.
  • Drawing file names must start with a three-digit number that sorts the pages into the correct order.
  • Drawing files must be in landscape orientation.
  • Comments from all department reviews will be sent to the applicant together.
  • Comments for each review cycle will show the original comment, the applicant response and the status of the comment.

EPlan is already in use in Hillsboro and Portland. When Salem implements the system, the City will use the same naming conventions as Hillsboro to help standardize the application process between cities.

The update is part of a more than year-long process of permitting improvements. Goals of improving the overall process are to:

  • Provide accurate and consistent plan review,
  • Standardize the process, and
  • Improve timing and accountability.

Improvements over the course of the past year have included replacing fillable PDFs with online application forms for the following permits:


Fire System



Reserve Liberty Parkade Banner or Liberty Pole Banner Space


Tent of Canopy Permit

In August, a Copy Permit function was also added to simplify the permitting process for people who submit multiple similar applications.

More changes on the way

More changes will follow through the rest of this year and into 2023. Additional online applications will include:

  • Land use
  • Structural
  • Land closure applications
  • Early next year, work will begin on Public Works processes.


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