IRS, Oregon State Income Tax Filing Deadline Just Two Weeks Away

Posted on April 4, 2023

Oregon Dept. of Revenue – 04/04/23 8:58 AM

Salem, OR—The deadline to file state and federal personal income tax returns—April 18—is just two weeks away, with more than 1 million Oregon taxpayers still expected to file.

More than 1.1 million Oregonians have already filed their state personal income tax returns. The department is expecting over 2.2 million total returns this year. Of those 1.1 million taxpayers, more than 820,000 have received refunds, with other refunds still pending. A Where’s My Refund? tool is available on Revenue’s website for personal income tax filers now.

The department offers the following information for taxpayers who still need to file their state return.

File electronically.

E-filing is the fastest way for taxpayers to get their tax refund. On average, taxpayers who e-file their returns and request their refund via direct deposit receive their refund sooner than those who file paper returns and request paper refund checks. Taxpayers should file just once. Sending a paper return through the mail after e-filing will a delay a refund.

See if you qualify for free tax help. 

Oregon personal income tax return filers with an adjusted gross income of $73,000 or less may qualify to file both their state and federal taxes electronically for free. There are four approved tax preparation software products that partner with Oregon to offer free electronic filing:

  • 1040Now
  • IRS Free File Program
  • OLT

Each vendor has different free filing criteria, so filers should do their research and choose the best vendor to fit their needs. Read about the free options listed to see if you are eligible.

Taxpayers that don’t meet the income requirements for guided preparation can file for free using Oregon Free Fillable Forms. Free Fillable Forms performs basic calculations and are ideal for taxpayers who don’t need help preparing their returns and want the convenience of filing electronically. A detailed series of steps for using free fillable forms are available on the agency’s electronic filing page. The IRS offers a similar option for filing federal taxes electronically.

Groups including the AARP , CASH Oregon , and the United Way also provide free tax preparation services to qualifying taxpayers. Find free or reduced price tax help with the department’s interactive map.

See if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Low- to moderate-income taxpayers be missing out on a bigger refund if they’re not claiming the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Eligibility information is available at the IRS website . Taxpayers who are eligible for the EITC can also claim Oregon’s Earned Income Credit (EIC). Oregon allows taxpayers who use an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) to file their taxes, or have a qualifying child with an ITIN, to claim the Oregon EIC. See more about tax benefits for families on the Department of Revenue website.

Filing an extension.

Individuals who are not able to file by April 18, 2023 can file an extension directly with the Oregon Department of Revenue or with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If the IRS extension is granted, the Oregon extension is automatically granted. A timely filed extension moves the federal tax filing deadline and the Oregon filing deadline to October 16, 2023.

Only request an Oregon extension if you:

  • Don’t have a federal extension.
  • Owe Oregon taxes.
  • Can’t file your return by April 18, 2023.

Remember that having a filing extension is not an extension to pay any tax owed. Taxpayers who can’t pay the full amount they owe, should file and pay what they can to avoid late filing penalties.

Visit to get tax forms, see a list of approved tax preparation software products, check the status of your refund, or make tax payments, call 800-356-4222 toll-free (English or Spanish) or 503- 378-4988 or email For TTY (hearing or speech impaired), call 1 800-886-7204. Due to the number of calls Revenue receives during tax season, you may experience extended wait times.


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