No One Found During Active Threat Investigation at Jefferson High School

Posted on May 11, 2023

On May 10, 2023, at 9:19 AM, Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a report of someone with a gun who allegedly came into the Jefferson High School.  Our caller, who did not identify themselves, reported they were hiding in the bathroom and then said the subject was shooting at them.  Deputies responded along with multiple law enforcement agencies from around the area and entered the school and began searching for the reported subject with a gun and the person making the report who claimed to have been shot.  Law enforcement was not able to locate anyone injured let alone shot and no evidence of an armed person or any shots which had been fired.

Law enforcement searched the entire school and then double searched it as well and made sure it was safe before school opened back up to normal operations.  This is still an open investigation being handled by Detective Schwab of our DPU team along with FBI.  If anyone has any information about who made this call, please contact Detective Schwab at and or 503-932-6294.  It’s also worth noting, this same type of incident occurred at Jefferson High School in March 2023.  In that case from March, it was determined to be a false report.

We would like to thank our partners at the Jefferson School District, Willamette Valley Communications Center (WVCC), METCOM 911 Dispatch, Jefferson Fire District, Turner Police Department, Aumsville Police Department, Linn County Sheriff’s Office, and Oregon State police.  We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help and response to this investigation.

Commander Stutrud of the Sheriff’s Office Enforcement Division said he was very proud of the collaboration between the Jefferson School District Superintendent, principal, students, faculty, parents, deputies, fire department, and all law enforcement agencies to help bring this incident to a safe resolution.  He was humbled to see the service of compassion and care for everyone involved even after the incident was resolved, where deputies transitioned to handing out stickers, bracelets and interacting with students and having conversations with staff to check in.  It is this kind of relationship in the community which makes us all strong and proud to serve each other as one.


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