Resident Experiences Owl Attack Near Bush Park

Posted on December 25, 2023

The City of Salem had a report of an owl getting close to people waking around Bush Park. The sightings seem to be in the evening, just as the sun sets in the areas.

We are lucky to share Salem with many wildlife species that call our parks home. You can help support the wildlife in our City by avoiding contact, disposing of trash responsibly, and keeping your pets inside or on a leash.

The owl is likely defending its territory. Attacks can happen before and during breeding season or while owls are nesting. Owls that are most likely to be aggressive are Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls. The breeding season for both species is December through March.

If you are concerned about the possibility of an owl attack, we recommend wearing hats or using an umbrella. Call ODFW at (541) 757-4186 if you experience an aggressive encounter with an owl.

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