Safety Was Top Priority During Storm

Posted on January 20, 2024

The combination of rain, ice And snow over the past several days presented plenty of challenges to our winter road team, and the potential for multiple traffic crashes. Instead, you played it safe, stayed home when you could, and drove cautiously when you couldn’t, so collisions were minimal. Thank you, residents, and thank you to the many volunteers who stepped in to staff warming shelters during this cold snap. Thank  you, Salem, for keeping us safe!

Here’s a look at the January 2024 storm by the numbers:

  • About 3,060 miles of roadway treated with sanding rock or deicer
  • 3,245 gallons of deicer applied to roadway
  • 1,000 gallons of deicer applied to sanding rock to create “hot loads
  • 1,295 gallons of deicer applied for pretreatment
  • 141 loads of sand applied to roadways
  • 2,529 lane miles of roadway treated with sanding rock.
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