Minto-Brown Island Parking Lots are Getting an Upgrade

Posted on January 25, 2024

Thanks to the Safety and Livability Bond

  • Preparation for the new parking lot improvements will begin in February.
  • Thanks to the Safety and Livability Bond, new paved surfaces, stormwater facilities, accessibility upgrades, and landscaping are planned.
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Salem, Ore. —The Minto-Brown Island parking lot paving project, funded by the 2022 Safety and Livability Bond, is scheduled to begin construction in February 2024. This project includes improvements to Parking Lot #2 (Dog Park Area) and Parking Lot #3 (main lot) and is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2024.

The project, with a budget of $1.54 million, includes the following key elements:

  • New paved and striped surfaces for Parking Lot #2 and Parking Lot #3
  • Stormwater drainage improvements and treatment
  • Accessibility upgrades connecting the parking lots with the park trail and pathway system
  • Landscaping around the new parking lots
  • Installation of bicycle parking facilities

Construction Impacts:

While the dog park and walking trails will remain open for visitors, there may be temporary disruptions to parking availability and vehicle access during various construction phases. Access for pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will be available and identified through or around work zones during construction.

Some tree removals are scheduled for early February. The City of Salem’s Urban Forestry staff will oversee the removal of 31 trees in Parking Lot #2, mostly non-native European white birch, and three native cottonwood trees near Parking Lot #3. This preemptive action is taken to avoid impacts on nesting birds and to remove trees in declining health due to visible infestation of bronze birch borer.

The removal of these trees is essential for the installation of proper paving, stormwater drainage, and construction of a stormwater conveyance swale. To mitigate the impact, each removed tree will be replaced with a native species in a suitable location within the park.

Project Purpose

The heavily used gravel parking lot surfaces deteriorate as weather conditions worsen throughout the year, increasing maintenance costs and creating flooding issues on nearby paths and trails. This project will alleviate flooding issues around the parking lots, increase their size, improve parking efficiency, and increase the availability of spaces serving the dog area and popular trailheads for the park.

The City of Salem is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents and visitors. For more information on future Safety and Livability Bond projects, visit

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