Stain Glass Sugar Cookies

Posted on December 15, 2020

Stain glass sugar cookies

This activity really takes the cake or maybe we should say it really takes the cookie! Either way… it was a very fun activity! The kids loved hammering the @jollyrancher for the center of the cookies!

Use a cookie recipe that doesn’t spread too much. Cornstarch is the secret ingredient here! We tried Pillsbury ready-to-bake sugar cookies, but they spread out too much for the look we were after. I must say it made a very pretty flower…

We served these cookies with whole milk from our local dairy @royalriverside, it comes in a glass bottle no less, and it was perfect for dunking!!

Tips for making these cookies…
💚Smash the candies really well.
💚Do not over fill the centers.
💚Chill for 15 -30 minutes before baking.
💚when the cookies are done, let them cool completely on the cookie sheet.

Oven- @dacorkitchen for consistency

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