Newsmakers At Noon 1/24/24

Posted on January 24, 2024

Bill Randall is a former military meteorologist with over 30,000 hours of operational earth science experience in meteorology and oceanography. He served at the Naval Oceanography Command Center in Spain and is qualified in supervisory positions including Flight Forecaster, Forecast Duty Officer, Oceanographic Watch Officer, and Command Duty Officer.

Bill Randall’s talking points for today:  Davos, and the New World 🌎 Order. All that’s happening relates to what elites are doing to control our lives, and take away our liberties. Climate Change is only one block of wood in their deceptive Jenga Tower. 😡 ☠️

Shane Matthews, a candidate for Salem City Council Ward 3, is a proud graduate of McKay High School. Maintaining a deep connection to the community over the years, Shane pursued higher education, achieving a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western Oregon and later obtaining an MBA from Western Governors University. This educational journey has equipped Shane with a versatile skill set, enhancing the ability to effectively serve the community.

The commitment to the community goes beyond professional roles for Shane. Actively participating in various community groups, the aim is always to bring about positive change. Involvement in these groups has provided opportunities to connect with diverse community members, gaining insight into their unique perspectives.

Shane currently holds the honor of serving on the Citizen Review Board for the Oregon Justice Department. In this capacity, Shane reviews DHS cases, emphasizing transparency and fairness in every decision.

Running for city council is not just a political endeavor for Shane; it reflects a genuine dedication as a member of the community, with a steadfast commitment to its growth and prosperity. Learn more about Shane here

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