Newsmakers At Noon 1/25/24

Posted on January 25, 2024

Julie Hoy has lived in Ward 6 of Salem for over three decades, she has seen her children grow up and attend school in the area where she and her husband operate a small business. Committed to the community, Julie decided to run for Council in 2022. Observing the changes in Salem over the past year while serving on the council, she witnessed firsthand the pain and frustration within the community and the lack of effective solutions.

Salem is currently grappling with a crisis of hope, with its vulnerable population continuing to suffer, and the city becoming less affordable and less safe. Additionally, a crisis of trust has emerged, evident in the frustration and sense of being unheard expressed by the public during the payroll tax election. Julie aims to address these issues as the next mayor. Although she won’t have a voting role, except to break ties, she believes she can influence the tone of meetings and actively engage with the community.

In Julie’s perspective, Salem’s challenge lies not in a budgetary shortfall but in a misalignment of priorities. She envisions a city where spending is directed towards essential needs that truly matter to the residents. As the next Mayor, Julie pledges to guide the city government back to its fundamental responsibilities and deliver tangible results for the community.

David Brown, a South Salem resident for 45 years, has a rich history in the community. Having completed his education in Salem-Keizer’s public schools, he dedicated years of honorable service to the U.S. Navy. Alongside raising a family, David, along with his wife Annette and son Austin, owns and operates a small business.

Engaged in community service, David has volunteered as the President of the Sprague High Booster Club and has coached various youth sports for over a decade. Throughout his 14-year career as an insurance agent, he has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous local small business owners in realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Not defined by a political background, David positions himself as someone eager to contribute to the community’s welfare. His readiness to serve House District 19 in the Capitol reflects a commitment to achieving the results that the district urgently requires.

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