Newsmakers At Noon 10/19/22

Posted on October 19, 2022

We are rapidly approaching election day in Oregon and there is a lot at stake as we get our ballots and prepare to cast our votes. On today’s show, HD 23 Representative Anna Scharf spends the entire hour with Denise and Hunter for a deep dive into the four measures that are on the ballot. Anna gives us the low down on 111, 112, 113, and 114, explaining what each will mean to Oregonians in reality versus what the crafters are saying they will do. This is an important episode of Newsmakers at Noon and we encourage you to share the podcast with friends and family to inform them about the realities of these ballot measures. As Anna said on the show, Vote R down the front and NO down the back of your ballot! #WeCanDoThisOregon

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