Newsmakers At Noon 10/25/23

Posted on October 25, 2023

Pastor Randy Merriweather’s unwavering dedication to the homeless community emanates from the depths of his heart. For over two decades, he has poured his soul into serving this community, orchestrating His Woodworks Ministry and Church without Walls from a leased sanctuary nestled in the very heart of Salem. There, he imparts the invaluable gift of craftsmanship to men and women, guiding them in crafting intricate “catios,” beautiful headboards, tables, and an array of wooden creations. This simple yet profound act bestows upon them not just tangible items, but a priceless sense of dignity and a renewed purpose that no government handout could ever replicate.

Pastor Randy has borne witness to the miraculous transformation of lives, as he toils side by side with individuals who respond to his message and embrace his unwavering faith. Each day, he breathes life into his mission, with relentless compassion fueling his every step.

But now, this compassionate soul finds himself at a crossroads, locked out of the very building where dreams take shape, because the burden of rent has grown too heavy to bear. The workshop, where the seeds of hope are sown and nourished, holds not only the tools and creations but also the sustenance and warmth that countless men and women depend on.

In this moment of need, we have the opportunity to be the key that unlocks the door to continued hope and transformation. Please, let your heart be your guide and consider contributing whatever you can. Every donation, no matter how small or large, will echo through the lives of those who rely on Pastor Randy’s unwavering commitment. Together, we can help Unlock The Door and rekindle the beacon of hope for the homeless community. Your support is a gift of love and compassion that will be cherished forever. Thank you from the depths of our hearts. ❤️ Learn more and donate here.

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