Newsmakers At Noon 4/27/22

Posted on April 27, 2022

Fraud at the CDC? On today’s Newsmakers at Noon, Denise and Hunter talk with Senator Kim Thatcher, Senator Dennis Linthicum, and Dr. Henry Ealy. Together, they have filed a Grand Jury petition in the 9th Circuit Court to investigate allegations of federal crimes and the clock is now ticking on the court’s time to respond. We discussed the incentives used to justify the inflation of numbers of diagnoses as well as who’s getting these monies. Ending with Dr. Ealy’s appeal to safeguarding our own health and a call to action in restoring balance in Oregon’s politics, the hour flew by so be sure to check show notes for links to important resources.

Show notes:

Half Price Oregon
Buddy Puckett
Larrys Locksmith
Home Comfort
Oregon Medical Centers
Old Mill Feed & Garden
Les Schwab
Copy Cats