Newsmakers At Noon 4/27/23

Posted on April 27, 2023

Denise and Hunter welcome back local author and historian, James Masnov on the cusp of his new book release. Rights Reign Supreme: An Intellectual History of Judicial Review and the Supreme Court –the power of the United States Supreme Court to nullify unconstitutional laws–has been attacked and celebrated. The Court’s authority has become even more significant over the past century as it has grown to occupy a more central role in the lives of Americans. The result has been for politicians of both major political parties (and scholars) to decry the antidemocratic nature of judicial power. This book argues that judicial review ensures the republic’s survival, outlining the Court’s responsibilities as an instrument of rights theory and its history of defending the principles established during the American founding that assert the primacy of certain inherent rights. Centering on the power of judicial review, chapters detail the Court’s reputation as a steward of the Constitution, protecting the rights of the people against the encroachments of the executive and legislative branches–and against the fleeting passions of the people.

Later in the show we discuss some new developments with regard to an SKSD Board Director and a candidate both making news in concerning ways.

Learn more about James and his work here.

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